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We’re creating a shortcut for you by bringing AI to your home. Cardiology clinics are hard to access or afford, with each session costing hundreds of dollars and taking forever to attend. With AIHeart we are bringing the same services, with higher precision, to the comfort of your home. AIHeart is the first portable clinical-grade heart disease detector designed for home use.

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Our Hardware : Specifications (Bluetooth BLE5, USB type-c, Built-in battery charger, ios&Android, battery-time : up-to 50 ecg measurements, adjustable wearable clothes. Our app : AIHeart makes heart diseases prediction quick and easy part of your daily routine. See your heart electrical activities as it happens and track your health over time. The app and diagnosis are free to check and we’re adding new features monthly.



Amazing product it helped me nd my family a lot

Edison Cavani
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i am really disappointed i don’t like the quality of the jacket

Stevie Hoang
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this product is just perfect such a great invention

Justin Theroux
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Our Winning

  • OAS Development Awards Shortlisted – Best West End New-Build

    Central Bank, Scotland
  • OAS Development Awards Shortlisted – Best City Development

    Capri Ocean Museum

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Talal Trimech

CMO & CO Founder

Stephanie Martel

Technical Expert

Amine Besbes

Technical expert

Jean-Sebastien Flamand

Technical Expert

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